Video still of Scream For More - Party Animals Remix - Dutch Valley try out

Scream For More - Party Animals Remix - Dutch Valley try out

Live tryout of the Party Animals Remix of Reinlaender and Simons and Sabrina's "Scream For More" at the Dutch Valley festival, August 11, 2012, Spaarnwoude near Amsterdam, Netherlands. Song starts at 3:35 When we make new songs we always try them out live, so we can check the sound and see the crowd response. This time at Dutch Valley, both the sound and the crowd response were finally how it should be! Before the music, some backstage footage - starting with Martijn, Jan and Patrick on their way to the 90's stage where Kelvin and EB are waiting and the Vengaboys just finished their show. "Scream For More" is a brand new song by German Electro/Club trio Reinlaender and Simons and Sabrina - for the Party Animals remix we went back to our original style of production, using all original sounds from a.o. the Roland 303, the Roland 909, the Roland Juno and the Yamaha DX100 - just like we did in 95/96! Producing new Happy Hardcore is tricky.. Usually people want to hear the songs they remember from the 90's and not something new. And even when they hear something new, traditionally it would be a cover of some famous song. That's why we're so pleased with the response at Dutch Valley. Watch the crowd go wild to a brand new song they hear for the first time!